Firebuino! (old Game&Watch port)

I’d like to show my first game made for the makerbuino :slight_smile:

Developer: LADBSoft
Release: July 27, 2017
Genre: Platformer
Platform: Gamebuino / Makerbuino


Port from the classic “Fire!” Game&Watch console from 1980. There is fire in a building, and people are jumping from the windows. Two people holding a stretcher are the heroes in the story, and will save as many people as possible.


You move two people holding a stretcher, and your mission is to save as many people as possible. Every time you get a survivor to bounce on the stretcher, you get a point, and every time one reaches the ambulance, you get 10 points. One three people hit the ground, you lose. As time goes by, speed is increased, so is difficulty. Get as many points as possible.

Press LEFT or A to move left, and RIGHT or B to move right.

Special thanks:

  • Erico Patricio Monteiro: For the awesome new graphics :slight_smile:


In the ZIP, you can find:
-the .HEX file. This is the game. Copy this to your SD card
-the .INF file. This is a file that contains the name, icon and slide screen of the game. It’s not mandatory, but it makes the game prettier :). Copy this to your SD card too.
-the .INO file. This is the source code of the game. In case you want to take a look. Constructive critique is welcomed :slight_smile:
-if you need an emulator, download one here.


The game is in beta state, so expect some bugs. Also, it is very simple for what the console has to offer, but I think it’s more “classic” this way :slight_smile:

Any constructive critique is welcomed! :wink:


I remember that game :slight_smile: I think I even had one of those “game watch” things when I was much younger.
Reminds me a lot of Circus for the Atari 2600 - Firebuino! (old Game&Watch port)

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Great job. I hope you’ll have other ideas like this (maybe some other game&watch port like Octopus, Fie, Turtle bridge, Mickey mouse, Donkey kong Jr, Ball or Super Mario Bross. It was good games and i hope that the screen is enough big to make them too


@kd8bxp Yeah! I also remember playing Circus in the old 2600 :slight_smile:

@Jean-Charles_Lebeau Thanks!. Also yes, I plan of doing some other ports. Octopus would ne nice, since I remember good old times playing it! :slight_smile:

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There is a hackervision version of parachute if you wanted to look into converting i. Hackervision Parachute

Nice job on the port, have to give it a try once I’ve built my kit.

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@charlesd_42 Thanks! I didn’t know about the hackervision. I’ll take a look at it and think about converting some of the games, with the author permission, of course.

Good luck assembling your makerbuino! :slight_smile:.


Added new graphics! Now time to fight the flickering :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy!


I have download and have to upload and test now (the more terrible part of the job :slight_smile: )
Good luck for the final updates to perfect this good game :wink:

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luke27, i would have a look on your program to see how you manage it and maybe try to use a part of your programm to do another port as parachute for example but i don’t know if it’s protected or if you are agree to share it and that is only me who don’t no how to find it on GITHUB.

So first question: are you agree to share the source of this game ?

(I’ll ask after How can i find it if you agree, because the question has no sense if you answer no … :slight_smile: )

Luke27, i have prepared background picture and will work on sprites for Parachute.
Before really working on developping the game, i’ll just try to load background and 2 sprites, just to try to move the small boat on the background when i hit buttons to be sure to be able to understand and not do something for nothing.
If it’s works, i’ll integrate the things step by step.

If you have already done it and want make a tutorial, i’m ready to test too :wink: One thing i have to understand is then you can download a picture and use it and how you can download a sprite and use it as i i seen how to do it with rectangles or other easy shape but not yet with more complexe forms or these forms was initialized as a suit of values)

Great! Thanks! Hope you enjoy it :wink:

Yes! I have all the sourcecode on github ( There you can find the images, code and compiled version of the game. The *.ino files are the arduino project files, ready to be opened in the arduino IDE. Feel free to use part or all of my code in your projects (leave a link when you’re done, so I can check it, cause a parachute port sounds fantastic :smile:).

I’m a horrible teacher, but keeping it simple: what the console does is inside the void loop() routine. Here, you must draw, check things and move stuff. To draw a bitmap, you must call gb.display.drawBitmap(, , ). The background probably is as big as all the screen, so drawing it at coordinates 0, 0 is enough. For the boat, you will have to declare some variables to store its position, use those variables to draw the boat in the current coordinates and use the buttons to increment or decrement the position of the boat.

Take a look at, it is pretty useful :slight_smile:

Hope you have fun!


Thanks, yes i’ll do that and check your pogram to take ideas on how to do some things to begin.
My idea is to do as sort of ‘motor’ for the game and watch and other progams to have some pat already written and have just to change graphics, sounds and logic for others.
I will keep you informed but i’ll stop polluate your subject and if i begin to do something good i’ll post in a separate subject to let this one for your port of firebuino :smiley:

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Just wanted to say that I updated Firebuino to beta 1.3!


  • 5-slot highscore ranking! Let the competition begin! :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Survivor spawning tweaked
  • Speed limited to a human-playable level

There’s still a very annoying bug that makes survivors stop spawning after a while… If anyone wants to troubleshoot and support, the official link is: :wink:


Nevermind! It should be solved now! :slight_smile: That’s what happens when you forgot to free memory… :smiley:

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Well done. I ll test it after my holidays.

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Lovely port of this great little game!

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@ladbsoft, this game is absolutely amazing and I didn’t even give you a “Game maker” badge for it.
Sorry man, you’ve got the badge now and you can use it as your title (or just stay a “Kickstarter backer” :slight_smile: )

I’ve downloaded and tested the game and it’s really fun to play (and good looking too!).
I will include it as a preloaded game on all MAKERbuino SD cards (glory and fame await you!)

Do you plan on making some more games for the MAKERbuino?

Hey @albertgajsak!

Thanks! Nice to see you like it so much. It means a lot :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ll be making some more games in the future, as soon as I get some free time. I have one in mind, and an app too, but I have other projects at the moment.

Thanks for the badge! :wink:

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