First game made: Snake 5110



I just wanted to present the game my girlfriend and I made (Snake I Nokia clone), since I was not able to upload it neither in the creations page, nor the MAKERbuino creations page (it does not accept .zip or .7z files, .hex or .inf files are not even shown) I was hoping I could do it here, but not working either (again forbidden file type), I was hoping you could fix this ^^’


P.S.: I finally found the Forum again :wink: (after the change of the homepage due to the fancy MAKERphone update I didn’t find it any more=


@makerSquirrel, thank you for your submussion and a splendid game!

Thanks for the bug report too, we’ll change this upload rule immediately.
In the meantime, can you please send the zip to

I’ll make your game live manually ASAP!

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Hiho, thanks for the fast reply, I 've just sent you the mail with the game, the screenshot of the error and the 3D makerbuino case ;). I forgot to add a short explanation, though:

Steering of the snake is done with the arrow keys, pausing the game can be done with B button, leaving the game with C button.
There are two game modes:

  • In the standard mode the short snake only starts moving after clicking a direction and when steering backwards the snake does not die.
  • The classic mode tries to mimic the original Snake version, where you start with the longer snake (which automatically starts when starting the game) and where steering backwards kills the Snake. Since both versions are of different difficulty, they have different Highscores.
    For both versions 9 different speed levels can be chosen, the higher the difficulty, the more points are gained when catching a dot with the snake.
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I updated the game to v2.0, the two game modes now differ much more (classic stays classic, standard gets several food-types for the snake). I’ve uploaded it to github, but am not able to update my creation, therefore please download the game from github instead (if you are interested in the game of course :wink: )


Hey, why can’t you update your creation? You can just email us or resubmit it and we’ll update the game :slight_smile: