First JAY-D Performance :)

Hello there! As promised, here is a video of a performance I did with JAY-D. I did not use it to mix songs but to manipulate sound loops. Left side plays a drum loop that I use the effects bitcrush, highpass and lowpass on. The right side plays an evolving chord-pad sound that I use the speed effect on to change the pitch. Additionally a bit of echo and lowpass.

Can I embed YouTube?

You can download both sounds here:


Hey @AABattery this is so, so cool! Thank you for sharing! :sunglasses:

Dora from the CM

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Wow, this is just amazing


I love the custom knob caps, really neat looking.

I’d love to share this on our social media channels and put it on our webpage if you’re ok with that

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Thank you. Of course you can share it. When the programming functionality hits, I’ll do some more videos :slight_smile:

Thank you, we’ll share it! :slight_smile: