For all I went through, I learned a lot. It makes this project worth it

The Makerphone Ringo is actually a very sensitive piece of tech.
My biggest struggle with Ringo were two very different topics. The battery and the antenna. It took a lot of work to get my Ringo to work as expected, but for all my troubles, I’ve realized it was worth it. I learned a lot about the Makerphone, and phones, and getting my phone to work, and maintaining my electronic device. I’ve had years of experience in hacking and such. However, nothing could prepare me to properly maintain this phone.
I wanted to make this a topic because of the issues I’ve had. I want to share all my hardware problems and how I solved them. I want to hear from others about their own problems with Ringo. Nothing will help us solve all these problems with the Beta iteration of Makerphone. I think we should work together to solve as many problems as possible before people even turn their phone on.
I’m not going to talk specifically about my antenna booster - there is a topic for that.
I will discuss my issues with the Micro B USB port and what my problems mean for me.
The USB port allows you to do two things. The first, is charge your phone’s LiPo pack. The second, is connect to the computer. You charge your battery directly from the Ringo controller. The excess goes to battery.

My immediate issue when getting my Ringo was plugging it in to charge. The port didn’t go in all the way. I was concerned by this. It was unusual because most devices hide the excess. While being unsure, it was too late when I realized I broke it. The V+ prong had fallen out. I tried hot glue. It wasn’t good enough. At some point, it caught on something in my pocket. The entire port came out. I spent a week resoldering wire to the V+. I covered the successful wire with hot glue. Lastly, after splicing croc clips to the USB wire, the clips cut my board up. There was contact everywhere. I couldn’t think of anything while my board was burning. I was immediately frustrated by the fact nothing would save this project. My wire is running out. I eventually thought of the hot glue again. I managed to cover the board with glue so it is properly insulated.
When you go to buy your next Makerphone, buy the unassembled kit. The assembled version doesn’t make me think it’s ready to be called a “phone”.
All I see now is a long expensive project. I had to drive an entire two states away to test my connection. It’s just not ready without all the extra work and precautions. I’ve had similar experiences buying TFT screens. Don’t forget to hot glue your work. Don’t forget to lock loose objects in place.

Thanks for reading and share your work here related to basic additions about Ringo we should all know about.


Thank you for your detailed message!

We’re still trying to improve this whole project and make the MAKERphone experience as smooth and as cool as possible.

The main idea behind this product is education and for everyone to learn how one such complex device like phone actually works. The whole phone idea is not the most important thing here since it can not compete with any other modern mobile device. However, it is still important to be usable and for everyone to enjoy the whole experience.

Keep making and keep up with good ideas!

P.S. You’ve got a new badge! :wink:


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Thank you for sharing.
I bought the unassembled kit, build it together in different moments of one day, with no extra work and with big fun. Had no problem with the USB conector, and for me, it wasn’t an expensive project, nor demanded extra work. But I know that the micro USB is a very bad designed connector, quite sensible inside, I have broken several in different devices.
The problems you narrate are valuable for me, because it tells me of sensible parts and what to avoid (for example be careful with crocks, and consider hot glue). It would be great if you can upload some pictures of your solutions, to know how to solve if I run into something similar :slight_smile:

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It’s fairly broken. I’m stilling working on the issue. That’s why I haven’t uploaded any content lately.
Tbh, my solution shorted my Ringo. It is wasting power all the time. I have to leave it on and keep it charged most of the time. If not, it will just sit around and drain the battery.
My fixes were terrible. This is my first portable device hack that was hardware related. I really don’t know that much. I tried uploading some audiobooks and they just kept getting corrupted. So, this has been quite an expensive experiment. I don’t recommend pretending to try anything I did. What I did was terrible. I want everyone to know that and that’s why I’m posting everything I do.
If I can get Ringo to work tonight, I’ll upload pictures.

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Hey, don’t be discouraged, everyone needs to start somewhere!

Experimenting and trying to do things you own way is the most advanced skill there is - it’s called engineering! :smiley:

Hat off to you sir for trying to make something with your own hands, that is a really valuable skill that can’t be learned overnight. Keep making!

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