Front-facing Status LED

So one of our fave phones (Ericsson T28) had a status LED on the front.

It did stuff like lit up red when the phone was charging, switched to solid green when the phone was fully charged, when the phone was in standby but was connected to the network & had good signal etc it would do a brief green flash every 10 or 15 seconds, just so you knew the phone was alive & well & happy.

We just loved that & we wanted to do that with the Ringo. But all the LEDs are on the back & to duplicate the status LED from the old phone we needed it on the front.

So we added a 9th Neopixel to the front of the phone. we stuck it next to the speaker. We used super-teeny patch wire (for like pcb rework etc) & grabbed DOUT and VLED from D8.1, and the nearest convenient ground.

Made the changes in MAKERphone.h to initialize FastLed for 9 LEDs and did up an example sketch in Arduino. (We included the splashscreen in the sketch to test the PWM frequency fix).

So when we do finally start messing with the actual firmware, we have the hardware already in place & will have our status LED!

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This is awesome, well done :slight_smile: