Game menu is a black screen

My makerbuino has been working fine until I accidentally left it on in the game menu section for about 1 hour.
When i realised it was left on, the game menu had become a mess of random pixels moving around. I tried to do the C button reset multiple times but now the game menu is a black screen.
All the games work fine though, if i navigate blindly to them.
I think something happened to the SD card, like it got corrupted or something. Maybe it can be fixed by reflashing the sd card?


So I tried to delete and download all the games again in the SD card, but the problem persists. Is it something to do with the atmega?

Never mind, the problem has been solved. I think it was the speaker wire that was interfering with the connections in the screen, because when I accidentally snapped off and resoldered the speaker wires, the game menu was working again.

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Dear @Wariowo Iā€™m glad to hear you resolved the problem you were having! :slight_smile:

Dora from the CM