Gap Between Pin Header and Board

Hi all, first solder job here and I’d appreciate any advice. I just finished soldering a pin header, and it is vertical…but I noticed the some of the pins aren’t quite flush against the board. You can see the tiny gap on the second half of the pins on the right hand side. Do I need to resolder those pins to be flush against the board, or will this not matter?

Thanks for reading!

Hey there,

Nice job soldering!

This should all work since the connection is made on the part where you’ve soldered the pins. On the other side, this could pose some troubles when putting the casing on since everything is very tightly aligned so that the phone is neat and firm.

I suggest that you go ahead with the assembly without soldering the pins to the main board just to see if the casings would fit this way. If they don’t, resolder these pins.


Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t look like it will fit right so I’m going to resolder. I’ve got it mostly desoldered now but I’m taking it pretty slow, trying to keep the board from getting too hot. That sucker-upper thing is pretty awesome, but I have some solder in the holes still. Hopefully I’ll get her free soon!

Thanks again for the advice! Soldering is way more fun than I expected…!

Desoldering the last bits was tough! But worth it. Got it wiggled up practically flush. Still a tiny hair of a gap on a few pins but it was pretty close to fitting before.

Thanks again!

Great! This looks more neat now. :smiley:

Have fun with the assembly process and keep in touch. :slight_smile: