Getting the ATMEGA and the LCD screen to work with an Arduino Uno

As you might have seen in my other topics, I haven’t yet been able to make my MAKERBuino work. However…

I DID IT! I got my Arduino Uno to work with the screen! Here’s what I did: (Also, check the google drive link at the bottom for pictures)

First, remove the chip from your Arduino Uno [Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk; if your arduino doesn’t work afterwards I don’t take responsibility ;)]

Then, place the MAKERBUINO chip into the Arduino Uno - it should be a perfect fit.

Now for the tricky part: Getting it all together. I used a breadboard for this:

Connect A0 [arduino] to f1 [breadboard]
Connect A1 [arduino] to f2 [breadboard]
Connect A2 [arduino] to f3 [breadboard]
Connect 11 [arduino] to f4 [breadboard]
Connect 13 [arduino] to f5 [breadboard]
Connect + [arduino] to + [breadboard]
Connect - [arduino] to - [breadboard]

Connect + [breadboard] to g6
Connect - [breadboard] to h8

Connect a 100 muF capacitor with the + in f6 and the - in f8
Connect a 10k ohm resistor [red, black, orange, gold] between g2 and g14

Finally, connect a wire from h6 to h14

If you wonder what this is, this is the schema which is on the Schematic as shown on the Makerbuino Specifications page, but only the bit towards the LCD screen.

Now, the final tricky bit is to hook up the LCD screen. I was hoping you could just clip on the LCD screen, but the legs seem just a little bit too short for the bread board. So you need to hook up 1 to 1 on the LCD screen, 2 to 2, etc. until 8 to 8. 7 is not necessary to hook up at all at this point.

Then power up your arduino (it seems important to first completely hook up the screen and only then turn it on, otherwise it may flash but not work properly) and this should be the result:


@Gemberkoekje, thank you for sharing this with the community. I will award you with a couple of virtual badges :slight_smile:

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