Going all red

After changing the LEDs in the LCD to red, I thought I might as well go all the way :nerd_face:
So I’ve redrawn the LiPo charger charger circuit and ordered a few PCBs. Next thing is changing the key caps :slight_smile:


Just received them! Time to fire up the soldering iron and hot air gun to remove the original components from the blue PCB.

Transplatation has begun…

Charging at around 450mA. Changed the Rprog to 2K7 for a lower charge current.

And charge termination is still working :slight_smile:

Final result! Maybe @albertgajsak you want to exchange a few boards and red LEDs for some red buttons? Btw, I changed the microUSB to a miniUSB as I think these a bit more robust. And I still had some laying around :slight_smile:
If anybody is interested, drop me a PM. I still have a few boards left. Note that it is all SMD and it requires you to swap components from one board to the other.


I like the result but ill not take risk to damage my chager / components so i’ll keep mine like it is but i like your red version and i’m agree about mini usb. It’s alot more robust.

@Ma_X, this is just beautiful.

Yes, of course, I want to get my hands on some of those sweet sweet red boards!

I’ll PM you ASAP

Done! Can’t get more red than this :smile: Thanks to @albertgajsak for the T-shirt, the red buttons and the black ‘Darth Vader’ enclosure.

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I like the dark enclosure but i would have put red buttons and maybe a yellow one for c button, blue and green for A and B (with maybe A, B and C written on it in black as we can’t see through the enclosure).