Graphics on Nibble

Does enyone know how to load more complex graphics on nibble, and how to implement It into code? Or maybe into circuit blocks because It will be mutch easier for me that way.

Hey there!

What do you mean by more complex graphics? The latest addition to CircuitBlocks allows you to draw your own sprites and draw them onto the display. You can read more about it here: Circuitmess Resources .The tutorial is for ByteBoi, but is the same for the Nibble. After creating your sprites, you can draw them onto the display using the “draw sprite” block under “Display”. Would that be sufficient for your needs?


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Thanks, I read the instructions for circuit blocks and it wasn’t there. Under “Nibble coding” i think you should add that to it because as you say it is the same for Nibble, and i got really confused. Thank you for the explanation. And yes I am using google translator because im bad at english :smile: .


Thank you for the feedback!

We’ll write it down! :slight_smile:

Monika from CircuitMess