Hardware/software glitch: My Ringo keeps calling my ex

I keep having a recurring issue with Ringo. It seems to keep calling my ex-girlfriend. It seems to happen only intermittently. It’s quite hard for me to give the exact conditions that trigger the issue because it tends to happen mainly after I’ve been drinking. Can someone from circuitmess please release a patch or offer advice to stop this fault occurring?


Hello and thank you for your submission! We actually have such an option already in-built. :smirk: In fact, it is a feature built into every “smart” phone on the market today. We have a name for it, but perhaps you are already familiar. It is called “Airplane Mode.”

We understand this is counter-intuitive, as you are likely only drunk on a plane about 1% of your total lifespan, but it has many other drunken uses. We suggest you check it out and let us know what you think! :smiley:


WebMachine, thank you so much for your cool hack! I can vaguely remember life back in the days we went on airplanes, retro!

Your solution also has an added benefit. Now my valuable drinking time is not disturbed by annoying people ringing me up. I think all my problems are now solved!


Hi @Thermosflask!

We are aware that your problem may cause some major issues and is rather uncomfortable!

These are the fixes that might stop this from happening:

  • Replace the SD card that has all your contacts saved
  • Erase everything from the SD card
  • Remove the SIM card from your phone before going drinking
  • Find a new girlfriend

I hope that one of these solutions work for you!

If not, feel free to reach out and we’ll figure something else out. :smiley: