Help with the construction!

Hi everyone ,

I have started thz DIY but I have some problem , I still have no written text on my screen. And also I have on piece that I don’t know for what it is for.
Can someone help me ?

I think this piece is in the 21th step , but it doesn’t look like the one on the picture ( right bottom piece on the tutorial picture on the building guide)

Thank you again

Christine .


That’s the 100 Ohm resistor, step 21.

Did you successfully switch the screen on at step 12? If not, you should have stopped and got it working first.

You’v got lots of solder on the pins of the female header (that the screen attaches into). Check all your solder points to ensure none have joined to another one.

Also, check the atmega-328 chip is positioned correctly in the socket and none of the pins are bent.


Hi Nick,

Would you happen to know if the orientation of the resistor matters for this one? It’s subtle, but it looks like there are 2 black lines that are closer to each other.

Hi, resistor orientation does not matter. They can go either way.