Hmm an idea

so since theres the makerbuino and makerphone i could turn the makerbuino into something more then a b and white game console but maybe modify it a little and add a 1.88 or 2.00 inch color screen with with 1 or 2 ram chips to atleast make it 9 or 20kb of ram but with the makerphone i could try and transform it into a makeshift gamebuino meta with dialing possibilities so yea do i want portability or ram space


Based on my personal knowledge, I would recommend your ram space mod.
However, I haven’t had a chance to test Makerphone hardware specs with the available layout ( and portability would extra space). I don’t think I could do it…
You’d have to be awfully talented in architecture and electrical engineering imo. Sounds like a Ben Heck part 5 challenge…

Maybe refit the Buino. Any update on the layout for that board would be an appreciated set up on further mod designs. As a controller, in the past people are willing to go as far as Velcro. It’s just neither ergonomic nor functional.

Hey guys,

Did you check out our latest Kickstarter campaign?

There is a brand new MAKERbuino to be released in the upcoming year! But of course, modifying your own is a completely new and fun experience. If you get on with it - update us on the progress! :slight_smile:


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aww man it can only programmed in a language i cant understand but this got me interested bec it haves these many things and also a color makerbuino but damn it would cost the same price as the ringo

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so damn it costs quite alot

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but this whole stem box got me interested

The stem kits are really an educational thing. If you’re older, you might want to consider an alt like the Adafruit PyGame or Arduino device for programming.

Tbh I can only afford parts rn. So soldering my own devices together has been a priority. I am into radios now to pass the time most efficiently. Going to pass sensor data through portable radios.

actually your right pygamer is actually something i would use bec i can also install a nes emulator or make my own arduino device and push the arduino machine to its limit like they did with the atari 2600 or vic-20 actually the makerbuino is actually enough i just need to add a ram chip and im going to be set

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