How to set and save a highscore

Hello, I want to know how you can set and save a highscore in any game. I don´t have an example code but I want to include a highscore in the game: “Blocksbuino”! Any ideas?

Hey, sorry for the slow reply here.

You can see the way highscores were handled in the code of another game called UFO race by Aurelien Rodot:

We unfortunately do not have a dedicated tutorial on how to embed high-scores in your games, we might think about writing such an article in the future

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Thank you for your reply! I hope I can deal with that example code.

Let me know if you need further help and I’ll try to help you out

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Hey again, I want to add the highscore function to the Makerbuino games which don´t have it. (Like BlocksBuino) Because without the highscore function the games aren´t completely. :frowning:
Maybe you could add the function by yourself! I would be so happy about this. But even if you don´t do that I would try to do it by myself. The ony problem is, that I don´t have enough knowledge to do this. So sorry for the long text at the end my only wish is: Please add a highscore to every game that need it! Thank you.

Hi Nick,

thank you for your reply.

We will try to do that as soon as possible, but currently we’re really short on time and working on some new interesting products.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

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