How to test bootloader?

mine worked just fine for about 1day.

suddenly it stopped : screen is blanked after power on. presumably it stopped after some rapid buttons pushing, possibly power button too.

the battery is fully charged. the soldering is imho decently good. battery plugin/plugout does not difference. brightness is working, no sound whatsover. sdcard seems ok too.

to me it looks like the bootloader is not executing.

how do i troubleshoot from here? anything i can do with rs232?

You can try the C-Button trick. Switch your MAKERbuino off. Press and hold down the C-Button. While holding the C-Button switch your MAKERBuino back on. Hold down the C-Button for another ~3 seconds, then release it. The screen should stay blank for 20-30 seconds. You won’t see anything but the MAKERbuino is flashing the LOADER.HEX. After the HEX-file has been flashed you should see the known game selection screen.

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@fikin, @Bl4ckM4ch1n3 gave you a great piece of advice here.

This is simply a matter of turning your device off while something is loading and there is no need for testing the bootloader, just do the hard reset (it was also mentioned at the end of 4th chapter in the build guide:

(yellow section marked “IMPORTANT”)

Update us on your progress!