I have a dream to release a game for the Makerphone(made in Python). Let's talk about this from the beginning. :)

I’d like to note my personal procedure for my thoughts because that’s what us programmers do. I’d like to use this for my future Ringo game project.
To fully understand my Ringo device, I have to meet it. I learn about it like dating. My first question is - What can it do? So I looked over every app. I went through every setting. I learned what it was capable of by playing my first game. I chose Pong. It was amazing, I thought.
My second priority was running photos and “music”. It runs jpeg at 160x128. That’s a great standard for resizing large graphics and displaying graphbits(new word). Photos are nice for seconds, but the music plays in your head. The ratio I spend on my media research is 100/1. I’ve spent 3 hours trying to play a good ringtone…not much luck(1 worked out of 9). I’ve converted every mp3 I could find into different 44100 wav formats. This is done with different manual audio programs - not automatic online converters.
The last stepping stone in this Python game is actually running it. Not in producing it. So to start from the beginning - What is a Makerphone game? I look on the SD card for games. The file type is .bin. This is great news. All micropython exports become a BIN file. It’s easy like opening/running an Arduino game.
Now, because I’ve never written a python-ringo title, I have one last question. What does the community/devs say about Python development on the Makerphone?


Great to see that you are active on the forum! :slight_smile:

Making a python-based game is just like making every other game - simple and fun!

We have a little section on our GitHub regarding Python where you can find how to work out the basics - https://github.com/CircuitMess/CircuitMess-Ringo-python

There you’ll find some basic tutorials and examples from which you can start and then work your game from the ground up!

If you need any additional help, we’re at your disposal. Cheers! :smiley:



My plan is to first put together a text based game similar to Fallout New Vegas companions using a scroll wheel layout. You make mostly meaningless choices. It will be a satire game where you essentially ignore people in fun ways. Next to that, I’m really looking forward to making something that would be super cool and popular for recognition.
I looked at a couple of py games in your github examples. You’re scratching out sound functions and other options, but don’t explicitly say that in the comments.

It seems like a great idea! Would definitely like to play that! :smiley:

Some of the features aren’t finished yet since most of the libraries and everything regarding Arduino based devices is written in C/C++ so it’s a little bit harder to implement some libraries here.

You have a list of what is working so far in the main Readme.md file so it’s pretty easy to find. For your idea, I think there is nothing stopping you - the sounds can be added later when we implement it, but everything else is waiting for you. :slight_smile:

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I plan on using graphics like japanese RPGs. Instead of text choice, it shows a wheel and you can choose something simple to say like ok, yes, maybe,etc. I’m trying to come up with a story for it though…

Edit - I might just turn it into some kind of Pokemon clone, but short/boring.

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Here is something that might interest you - a library of games for our gaming console, MAKERbuino. :smiley:

These were mostly created by our community members or by somebody else and then ported for the MAKERbuino. You can find some cool ideas here and even look at the code!

It is written in C/C++ but I still believe you can find some useful things in all of this.


I read the somewhat disappointing tutorial on makerphone.py

It’s not native compatible. I could just write micropython bin and import it probably. I’m not sure about that :thinking: