I haven't gotten my MAKERbuino yet? Why?

I haven’t gotten my MakerBuino yet and I leave on a trip on June 22nd. I pledged $58 USD and I still haven’t gotten my stuff yet. What happened to my MAKERbuino?

They started shipping yesterday. I hope yours shows up in time so you can enjoy it while on your trip!

Like @tehCoops said.
The KS rewards are shipping as fast as we get them is.

You can read more about shipping here:
The BIG update [Kickstarter Update 3]

Hey Guys, Sorry for the late reply just had some fun on my trip. The only weird thing was that I didn’t get my kit till’ August 10th but I have been waiting and I had expected more but I never knew that all the tools and the PCB would fit. I just wonder where you guys get the PCBs milled. I am interested in making my own device for the elderly and blind and I would love to make business with Albert. I am 11 years old and I have many skills such as predicting what the circuit/code will do before I simulate the program or run the program. I hope we can come together. I have friends who also dabble in this fine art so just contact me via Makerbuino Community or e-mail me: julius.nieves@sascholar.org! Thank You!

I don’t know where they order their PCBs, but I think it is place where you order big quantities.

For small quantities, I used these:

I don’t know about your experience making circuits, but I advise you to start with breadboards and protoboards.

Design for elderly and blind people is very challenging, especially because every person has different issues. It is a hot research topic for years. I worked on this topic, you were not even born (I feel so old realizing this). In any case, I can give you advices if you wish.

Hey Tom, I have the schematics but I might take some time finding them My computer is filled with many schematics but sooner or later I will find it. Thanks for the PCB links!