I made sprites in the editor but they have disappeared


I made some sprites in the sprite editor but when I reloaded my sketch after time away, all my custom sprites have vanished. I had previously shut down CircuitBlocks and loaded it again with no issues but now my sprites have gone. Are they still somewhere I can get them? I spent many hours on them :frowning:

Where is the sprite bank stored (the one with the trees and rocks and characters), can I edit this externally somehow?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give a newbie.

EDIT: This has just happened again. I had shut down CircuitBlocks and loaded it again later and all the custom sprites are gone. Also, I could still seem to undo (in the newly opened existing sketch) but eventually the undo made some code appear from a previously deleted sketch I had been working on (a sketch that I had not opened recently).
Sorry for the post edits but also, when using the sprite editor, after a while, the windows mess up and you can’t change the brush colour because the new sprite icons/windows are over the top of the colour selector.

Kind regards DaWi.

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Hi there,

thank you for your comment!

Unfortunately, you cannot edit previously drawn sprite. They are stored internally.

We will definitely look into it and find a solution.



Thanks for the reply. Please forgive me if I sound rude, I am trying to be as reasonable as possible because I am just extremely disappointed in the product. The frustrations have resulted in my son completely losing interest in what was his main gift this Christmas.
I wouldn’t recommend anybody purchase the Nibble kit to teach coding (I can’t comment on the other kits) until there is a decent, working code block editor.
You say in your advertising for the Nibble that it would be compatible with Microsoft MakeCode but this is not true. It is unsupported due to the screen size being too small.
I appreciate that I can use the Arduino editor to make more complex apps for the Nibble but this defeats the point of it being a learning kit.
My son thoroughly enjoyed the building/soldering of the kit but his interest declined as soon as we tried to make anything with CircuitBlocks. It is a shame, I suspect the ambition of CircuitMess and it’s projects far outweigh the resources and time being put back into it.
The marketing is slick but the support and popularity seems extremely lacking.

I have now purchased an Adafruit Pygamer and sadly will be abandoning the Nibble and CircuitMess in general.

Kind regards,