I set an alarm last night, but today it didn't go off

I set an alarm for 05:00 today. The alarm didn’t go off at 5am. It went off at 15:30 for some reason. That’s 3:30pm. I’m very confused and don’t have any guesses.

Hello there, :slight_smile:
Can you try to replicate that problem?

We haven’t had any troubles with the alarm yet so it could be just a small malfunction for some reason.


All I need to do is set an alarm. I can take a picture of the settings. Maybe I misread one? I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be whatever the time is… I can say that yesterday the 5am alarm went off again, but at 12pm. It makes no sense. I have it on force time. The 4am alarm doesn’t go off at all. Maybe they mess with each other?

That’s odd.

Does the ‘Force time’ option set the time as it actually is in your location?
We’ve had a couple of cases where it misreads the time for about a couple of hours.

Can you try setting the time manually and then try again? It could be that the “shown time” and the “actual time” are different and that is what’s causing the alarm to go off at the wrong time.

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I can’t imagine why it would do that. I haven’t even considered that. I’ll let you know in the morning.
From my understanding of Ringo so far, is that the phone has a standby mode for a short period of time. Then the phone will just turn off completely.
I thought that was the problem because the following day I never charged it. It worked fine and I plugged it in at night.

Edit - My alarm is set for 05:00 for 5am. X? Repeat. Mx Tx Sx. Default ringtone.

16:38:51.320 -> Timer wakeup
16:38:51.522 -> call ready: 2
16:53:33.765 -> Timer wakeup
16:53:43.971 -> call ready: -1

It’s currently 17:00 or 5pm.

Well the phone should not turn off unless you turn it off manually.

It battery can empty and then cause the phone to turn off, but in sleep mode, it basic functions should work like on every other phone.

Tell us the results in the morning!

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No alarm. It didn’t go off.

Edit - The good news is it didn’t turn itself off. I burned it and updated via WIFI again and maybe that helped that. That’s the first thing to fix up right.

Hey, did anyone figure this out? I’ve been having trouble setting a reliable alarm on my Ringo too, if I’ve set it for a short period of time ahead it goes off but if I leave it alone overnight it doesn’t activate the alarm in the AM. Also in my case it seems to be going off at the begining and end of the desired alarm minute, but I can live with that if I can at least get up on time! I’d love to know what you found out.

To follow up, I tested it again last night and it didn’t go off. It will go off if I set an alarm for a few minutes in advance IF it doesn’t pass onto the next calendar day, it will also go off if I set an alarm several (I tested 10) hours in advance, so it’s probably not an issue of the device being dormant but it could be a calendar-day rollover problem when checking the condition to activate the alarm? (There’s some ‘current time’ - ‘reference time’, I think this is the condition written in the source file to turn on the alarm?) If the change in date isn’t happening such that the ‘new time plus new date’ isn’t satisfying the check, and if I have interpreted the source code condition which activates the alarm correctly (that’s a huge ‘if’) it could allow the alarm app to function perfectly fine PROVIDED the alarm is set on the same date it is intended to go off.

For reference, if I manually set my phone time to 23:59 and set a repeat alarm for the next day at 00:01, the alarm will not go off even though only 2 minutes have passed. This is what has led me to believe that the calendar date change is part of the issue. If I set the same alarm at 00:00, one minute in advance but on the same day, it sets off the alarm. While the clock is within the alarm minute though it slows the refresh rate down to once every 2.5-3 seconds which means there’s probably also an issue with the alarm functions during the alarm minute, although I couldn’t see any obvious problem to cause this in the source code.

I’ll read through the code some more to see if I can’t figure out what exactly it is because I’d like to use this feature, but anyone who’s more familiar than me with this code could probably find it a lot quicker. Until then, if I want my phone to go off at 7AM I have to stay up until midnight to set the alarm.

@robertCM hey I’m pretty sure you didn’t see this, being that it was addressed a long time before I replied, but my alarm problems never went away. I’m 99% sure that the above info is enough for someone who knows the code to find the problem, I wanted to wait until I had spent some time with the SIM in so I could confirm it wasn’t SIM/rtc related and it doesn’t seem to be. Repeat or long-term alarms just aren’t working for me :frowning: if my experience specifically with long-term alarms is an isolated one I’ll just use my watch alarm, but it’d be nice if this app worked.

Hey John,

We’ll look into this a bit.
As you said, it shouldn’t be a big deal, it’s probably something really easy and simple, we’ll update the topic here when we get to it! :smiley: