I2C Port Mating Connector

I’m looking at getting one of these (in the future) for a fun project and would like to drive an i2c stepper motor controller, what is the mating connector part number so I can start working on building my parts list?

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There is a bit of documentation here: http://gamebuino.com/wiki/index.php?title=MAKERbuino:_build_guide

@xtacocorex, thank you for joining the forum.
As @AllGray already said, you can find some info in the build guide but all of the documentation is still work-in-progress and has to be severely updated.

The i2c connector we use is called KF2510-4P (angled version). You can find them really cheap on Ebay and similar sites (http://www.ebay.com/itm/100-x-Right-Angle-KF2510-4P-Connector-Kits-2-54mm-Pin-Header-Terminal-Housing-/171907507124?hash=item28067c63b4:m:mVhl82T7oRrO_Qf-IQDEocA)
If you need just a couple of them, I can ship them for free with your MAKERbuino package.

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Thanks for the info guys! Will definitely check out the wiki!

No worries on providing the mating connectors, I’ll take care of that myself as I’ll have to pick up a bunch of other things with it.