IMPORTANT NOTICE for Ringo library version 1.0.2

Hey folks,

This short update is just to address the issues present in the Ringo library version 1.0.2.

This update causes the following bug: when unlocking the phone for the first time it leads you to a misplaced SMS composing screen.
Also, the firmware version in the settings app wasn’t updated properly and remained at 1.0.1.

The issues are corrected and you can download the corrected firmware via the “Check for updates” button in the settings app.

But, the faulty library update 1.0.2 available in the library manager will not be corrected until Sunday, the 16th of December.
Until then please use the 1.0.1 library version to avoid these issues.

Thank you all for your understanding!

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To add on to this, we’ve also updated Ringo board in Arduino Board manager to 1.0.4.

We’ve also decided to make a completely new repository on GitHub that will only hold Arduino important files. It is now located here ->

In your Arduino IDE preferences, please change board link to

The old link will still work for some time, but we’re planning to remove the old branch where it is located so it won’t work anymore in the future. We’ve also updated the installation guide so it now has this new link.

Happy coding! :smiley: