Installing games

I installed the game froger on my makerbuino and everything works fine exept when i want to play a different game i cant get out of this game because the c button doesn’t work.This happens only in this game and i dont know why, the c button works fine in all other games.So when i want to get out of this game i have to turn of my device.Plz tell me is it me or the game.

That’s because the one who wrote the game forgot to implement the function. You can download the code and implement it yourself :slight_smile:

hey can anyone help me with a little problem …
i made this console, tried it out and everything seems fine but when i wanted to put some game on it so i connected it to the computer but it says it doesn’t recognize it. i checked if i might have wrongly soldered or connected the cables but everything was fine …Can you help please?

i also bought a new usb port (i thought it might be a problem in the port as it keeps saying “i don’t recognize it” but that didn’t help either) …then i tried that same thing on the windows 7, and windows xp, but it’s the same reaction…


Did you follow the guide on how to transfer games to the console?
You can find it here: :smiley:


I think i didn’t…Thanks!:crazy_face:

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