Intermittent Issues with Jay-D usability

Hello all,

Very new to the world of electrical wizardy and programming - but as a mechanical engineer, it’s something that I wanted to learn more about, and as a self obsessed hobbyist DJ, the Jay-D made perfect sense.

I’ve put the kit together, super easy - kudos to CircuitMess because it was really well thought out instructions.

However, I do have quite a lot of issues that are making this great little thing unusable!

I’ve emailed support, but figured I would make a post here to see if anybody in the community can assists.

And to outline first, I have checked and double checked all soldered connections.

Issues are as follows;

  • Headphone jack doesn’t output audio. It mutes the built in speakers, so it’s recognising an input, but no sound via headphones (I’ve tried multiple pairs).

  • Sound output is constantly stopping and starting, it’s really frustrating.

  • One rotary encoder doesn’t work as a scrolling function whatsoever, only works as a button press… Before I fully assembled the kit into the frame, it worked then as I completed the built in button test.

  • Two other rotary encoders intermittently work - I’m not sure if this is a coding/software issue where it’s not reading input correctly, or faulty rotary’s. The center rotary used for selecting application, song and scrolling the song will sometimes work great, not at all, or very intermittently. It seems to change each time I turn off the Jay-D and back on. This is the same for the top left encoder.

Any help would be appreciated, really disappointed at the moment because it’s just unusable. And again, all solders checked, checked, and checked again.

Thank you in advance!

NB - Software 1.1 (not sure if there is an update?)


Albert here from CircuitMess.

Thank you for supporting our work.

I am sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your device.

I have checked our system and, unfortunately, I cannot see your email.
Are you sure that you have sent it to [email protected]?

Please reach out to us again and include photos of your Jay-d’s front and back side without the casing attached.

Thank you very much