Inventor's kit documentation

My Makerbuino works fine, but i have no idea of where is the Inventor’s kit documentation (schèmes and maybe some use examples)

There is no documentation. This is the point of the “inventor”'s kit: you have to invent.

That being said, the idea is that you have access to some of the I/O pins through the I2C sockets or the expansion port. With thee you can make any circuit like on an Arduino. There are tons of tutorials about this everywhere on internet. Here is one related to my first Arduino kit I bought many years ago on Adafruit:
You will find a couple of simple useful circuits. You may need additional components, but it’s a good start.

I will start writing a coding tutorial soon. I will probably also write something about the inventor’s kit as well.

I don’t agree. For me as the target are beginers they should have some tutorials tout beginers and know the fundations tout use the kits before invent there own. So your explanations/articles/tutorials will ne great. Thanks in advance for your time and i hope that it will help or give ideas to many.