Is it possible to get a replacement Nibble screen?

Hi - my nephew got a Nibble for Christmas and tried to assemble it but had some challenges soldering it - I have sorted the soldering (quite experienced with soldering), but the screen was working a bit, but with some lines on the upper screen, then kept going white. The soldering is fine, but after scratching my head for an hour, I noticed a very slight bit of the screen glass is cracked where the screen connection ribbon is, so that will be the reason. I don’t know if it was damaged when new, but very possible it got damaged during assembly.

Would be a shame to throw the kit away, he was looking forward to using it - is it possible to get a replacement screen? Happy to pay, of course. I’d like to get it working for him :slight_smile:


yes, they are a very common display, as seen here

Brilliant, thanks so much for your help, I have ordered one :slight_smile:

Good! i hope it works!

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Hey @nibblejosephalt,

thank you for reaching out.

Please note that you can order any of our devices directly from us! Contact us at if you’ll need to purchase any replacement parts in the future.