Is it possible to use microsoft makecode to programme the nibble

hi, is it possible to use microsoft makecode with the nibble, thanks

I have used Microsoft makecode arcade with hardware specified on this link, It has been very rewarding. Hardware

However, the Nibble seems to run on a 8bit processor that may not support makecode. Fear not though Circuitmess is releasing a ByteBoi handheld that seems to have the hardware capable of supporting makecode arcade games. (ATSAMD51 processor)


It’s a 32-bit processor called ESP8266
It’s not supported by makecode arcade. It could run it theoretically, but the makecode arcade team does not support it yet.

You can code it in CircuitBlocks which is a makecode arcade-like interface that we’re developing:

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ok, thanks for the info also, thanks for the user of the month award

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Thank you for being a part of the community :slight_smile:

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