JAY-D white screen after soldering

After soldering everything I turned JAY-D on for the test. The LEDs flashed once and the screen turned white. No menus, no messages. I kept on revising and restarting everything until my kids went away. No fun at all.

I checked soldering, took some pictures and asked for advice via e-mail. No answer.

Re-sent the message several days after. No response again. From from that account I only receive new products advertising.

Seriously considering to stop my subscription.

Hi there,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble with your Jay-D.

I’ve tried searching for the e-mail you sent but I can’t seem to find it. Could you let me know which email address you sent it from?

In any case, please send us email to [email protected] and I’ll make sure you get a response ASAP.

-Dorotea from CircuitMess

I’ve just resend it to [email protected] with topic: JAY-D white screen after soldering

Thank you very much for sending us an email