Joy stick help

hello i need help with programming the joy stick please help

Hey Aidan!

The joystick works on the next principle - it has two-axis (X and Y) which are both in between a value of 0 and 1024.

512 is the middle value by default, so both axis values are set to that. As you move your joystick, those values change. You can check out how that works by calling the following functions (and printing them out somewhere):


In most of our apps and games, we used mp.buttons.pressed(LEFT), which just checks if the joystick is pushed to the side (besides LEFT constant there is RIGHT, UP and DOWN).

You can check out source code for our games and apps here and find additional info you may need:

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. :smiley:


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thank you for the help

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