LED doesn't work. What should i do?

First of all, thank you for the good products.
The assembly is complete and the others are perfect.
But only the LED doesn’t work.
Which part should I fix?
And is there a schematics of the makerphone?


Thank you very much for supporting this project!

What do you mean by LED doesn’t work? Just one LED, or all of them?

Did you pass through the setup wizard? Can you please send me a video where you’re trying LEDs (ex. trough the Flashlight app) so I can see it?

Schematics for the Ringo can be found here. You should be looking for the 2G version.

Keep in touch,

yes. Everything doesn’t work.
I also finished setup wizard and tried Flashlight app.
But it didn’t work.
i’ll try to send you a video but i’m not sure.

If every LED is not working then it is most likely a connection problem (bad solder joint or something).

Can you please take off the back of the phone and take a couple of pictures, especially of the main board.

Keep in touch, we’ll sort this one out!


I’ll attach pictures when I’m soldering.
The picture below shows you when the display is coming out.
I can’t take pictures of the current state because I’m at work.
But Nothing has changed in the picture below.
and i’m sorry. you have to zoom in on the detail.

Thank u : )