LED3 on. Normal?

After building the Ringo, I have noticed LED3 in the Main board (2G) is constantly ON. Any idea why or if it is normal? I canā€™t find it in the schematicsā€¦
Everything seems to be working, except the 2G module, but unsure if my phone provider support 2G.
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PD: I know! I need to redo some of the solderingā€¦ :stuck_out_tongue: :

Yes, that LED is on any time the Ringo is powered up. Itā€™s a good indication of whether the phone is powered down (off) or just asleep (on). The LED is very dim so as not to add much load to the battery.

Thanks for your comments. At least I know thereā€™s nothing wrong with it!

@peterware yes, that LED is always on because of a funny hardware glitch that weā€™ve manged to solve by adding this LED.
It was quite a funny story. The short version goes - we couldnā€™t get the phone to turn off without adding some kind of a voltage drop and this red LED that we already had in our BOM for a brain board just did the trick.

Anyways, as you noted yourself, you need to improve these soldering joints:

if you need any help with that, feel free to reach out