List of simple app ideas

These are a few apps I plan on learning to make specifically for the makerphone.
*Synthesizer utilizing DTMF tones
*Text-based adventure game, something akin to Zork
*Notepad/note-saving/storing application
*Ebook reader/library

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@Agnosis sounds cool and if you manage to polish them enough, we can include them on every makerphone’s SD card (if you’d be ok with that, of course)

I’d love that- when I make progress, I’ll update here, thanks!

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Awesome! Keep me posted

The text adventure game could be less like zork and more a choose your own adventure game with a few options. That would be pretty easy, since there are pc programs to help script them out.

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Regarding text adventures, the most serious problem is that on the Ringo, entering text is tedious at best.

Secondly, not a lot of text fits on the display, even at the smallest font size, so some implementation of a scrollable display might be necessary unless the game was really simple.

Otherwise, it would probably be fairly easy to port frotz or some other z-machine emulator in order to run Infocom text adventures, at least the 24 version 3 games which require only text output and a version 3 emulator. The game (data) files for these are readily available* and could be accessed from the SD card.

*You write/port the Z-Machine emulator and I’ll supply the 24 game files: Ballyhoo, Cutthroats, Deadline, Enchanter, Hitchhiker’s Guide, Hollywood Hijinx, Infidel, Leather Goddesses, Lurking Horror, Moonmist, Planetfall, Plundered Hearts, Seastalker, Sorcerer, Spellbreaker, Starcross, Stationfall, Suspect, Suspended, Wishbringer, Witness, Zork1, Zork2, and Zork3.

I was using Zork for reference, but it would be more of a choose-your-own adventure, atleast insofar as I am familiar with those, yes

Very true, yes! But it’d be much more option-based, but with usual ability to revert to old states, kinda like zork with doing opposite command to travel back to earlier point. And also ability to save

are these already on the sd card? if so I wasted my time making an ebook application