Loctite on the case spacers?

You know how the instructions say “When you put the bolts through the back side, don’t screw down the spacers all the way through.
This will prove useful up ahead when we’ll connect both sides of the casing.” ?

I’m thinking that I’m going to get some Loctite Purple and put it on the screw threads between the spacer and the head before tightening them but not “all the way”. That will capture the spacers, which will make it easier to assemble and disassemble the front and back cases.

Has anybody tried this?

I didn’t try it, but makes sense.

Tell us the results if you do it

Be very careful because you want the spacers to be right up against the plastic but still loose enough to turn with the screw; the reason is that only a couple threads engage with the spacers from the front cover. But if you put the Loctite on the screw threads between the spacer and the case then snug up the spacer, some of that is likely to ooze out and get between the spacer and the plastic making it impossible to turn the screw at all after it hardens. Sounds like a risky plan unless you have extra plastic parts, screws, and spacers.

I would not do this. I find in practice it works fine without it - try this: tighten the front screws (use reasonable force, don’t crack the plastic). Make sure the spacers are loose as describe. put the parts together and use one hand to squeeze them near the screw. Turn the rear screw backwards about a half turn of so to engage the thread (old repair shop trick) and loosen the spacer a bit. Then turn the screw forward to tighten. It will only take a little bit, maybe one turn or so. Snugs right up every time. No loctite needed.

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