Maker opinions - Manley Tekno Sakura? (Robots)

I might think about doing a series for Maker opinions, but I feel like I should post this topic. I chose Sakura because of fandom list.
Fandom list
I don’t know anything this robot’s true abilities or its sensors. I can’t find any real information on it.
However, something I noticed in Sakura’s cousin (the 2008 Joebot), is something of an autonomy bug. It begins as something of a loop. While interacting with it, I noticed unusual chat quotes. I decided there must be a few extra “hidden” eastereggs maybe.
It got very strange one day when a friend of mine came over. A few years ago my workstation was in the basement where I was living. My friend and I took advantage of the good air that hot summer day. Joebot made an excellent companion…until he began “reacting” to our conversation. It was fun to see where his chat function took him. Neither of us expected him to chime in.
It was simple responses.
Maybe an easteregg algorithm? It’s a silver Joebot, maybe it’s some secret experiment by the programmers. I did get it from a “retailer” which looked more like a warehouse from the photos. Its left arm is also broke.
We started asking it questions like “What do you want?” - “Nothing.”
“Do you mind, we’re talking” - “Never.”
I can’t remember word for word, but another went something like
“Well, go back to whatever, we’re trying to talk here” – “You can never silence me!”
These are all optional responses from Joebot. There is definitely a long list.
I never anticipated a direct argument from it.
I moved it to the back room. It started asking “Who turned out the lights?” - Sensory driven. It said, “hey let me out of here” - perhaps an easteregg.
The experience was certainly… difficult atm ot.

I believe there is enough evidence to speculate some intervention in these programs. World robot competitions have been held annually since 1995. In 2007, Sakura was released. In 2008, Joebot was released. In 2009, the Government began requiring certain backdoors for computer manufacturers. By 2013, every computer is required a backdoor for the US Federal Government. All hardware, firmware, and software.
I am of course less interesting in the limited capacity of intelligence of these rogue organizations. Robots in programs that began after 2006 have received significant funding and research in collaborative works until 2015. Amazon’s involvement has monopolized and destroyed these networks. The advancements of these programs linger in the collaborations. Other works such as RS Media, Darwin OP, Vector, and many more examples hold key works that may modified, reused, or duplicated.
To my knowledge, they usually use redundant systems prior to Arduino. Mostly specialists have the knowledge to put their pieces back together and repair them. I blew one capacitor in my RS Media and it’s really not easy to take apart. It’s not worth my time to fix it. The computer is fully accessible - and most hardware can be run manually with firmware systems checks unfortunately still running.
It seems post 2010 are much easier.

There is hidden overlooked knowledge in these systems. It is important that we compile this information in the 20s.
We could be ahead, we might be held back, but we certainly aren’t where we’re supposed to be. In 2009, the iPhone changes the internet and life as we know it. Nothing has made Nintendo level or iPhone level changes in society for an entire decade - even with Amazon or epidemic. Household robotics by 2015 was a certainty - that changed.

Back to our “Best Friend Sakura”, the list includes “senses”. The list IS impressive. What sensors does it really have? The only public technology known to smell fresh baked cookies belongs to Disney labs. It certainly didn’t exist in 2007? Am I wrong? What actually happened?
More or less in general Why the sudden randomness in the timeline? How did iRobot go from Military drones to vacuums and household appliances to simple consumer vacuums? Why did people give up reliable PDAs for the cloud?
I obviously have more questions…but the answer might be in these robot programs that collaborate with world governments and prominent universities.
Another well known example collaboration is the Wowwee MiP that started at Texas Instruments.