Makerbuino enclosure

Hello everyone, waiting for my kit I printed case for the makerbuino


@wojtek, that casing looks slick!

By the way, you can find MAKERbuino compatible 3D printer models here:

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That looks super nice.
Is it just regular PLA?

Yes, PLA (gold).

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Oh nice! I’ll be grabbing that STL and giving that a print later. Thanks!

That’s some dope looking stuff!

Btw. @wojtek What 3d printer did you use?

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Exactly like that

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That’s a nice looking printer.

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@albertgajsak will there be a face plate file as well? I hope so! :relaxed:
I printed a back plate from 3D hubs already!
Thank you for the thingiverse files!

@gloomycats, the face plate needs designing.
I hope we’ll be able to do it soon but for now that design exists but is outdated.
I’ve just updated it to my thingieverse account:

Please note that this is a very old design back from when we were using different button caps. Those button caps were lower and that forced us to make holes on the front plate for taller components to stick out.

I’m really thinking about making a MAKERbuino 3D printed enclosure contest when you all receive your MAKERbuinos. I’ll come up with some cool prizes for the contest by then.
What do you think?


Very good idea! :smiley:

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