MAKERBuino game dev tutorial

Hi all,

I started writing a game dev tutorial. It is far from being finished, but the basics are there:

The tutorial sources are there:
Contributions and suggestions are welcome. However you might want to wait for me to finish the first draft before making pull requests.


Tom could you be interested by a french translation of your tutos ?

I’m French, so I could write it in French as well. :slight_smile:

By the way, the Gamebuino project was created by a French guy as well, and there is a game dev tutorial in French there:

I will go deeper in details though. I don’t know if a French translation makes sense. However help is welcome.

OK. Yes it s fine to do in French and English and maybe some will translate in other languages. For the main tutorials and as you can read it seems better to me to translate from English to French than from French to English… :grin:

Nice idea, @Tom!

I had a tutorial in mind too, but I don’t have much free time lately…

If you want a Spanish translation, count with me :wink:

I have more and more pressure to finish it. :slight_smile:

A very good start, looking forward to seeing the progress.

If you need it translated into Australian, let me know. :wink:

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Count on us for the pressure :joy:
Already able to translate into 4 langages. Nice

Fantastic Tom and everyone else involved. I for one will be trying to develop some games and even some utilities. I’m currently working on a dumb RS232 terminal that runs on the Makerbuino, handy for using with other micro based stuff.
All the best,

You mean a hardware converter for using serial connection? That would be very useful for debugging! I have missed something like that a lot for debugging an error in my game! :slight_smile:

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I’m using the 6-way header (only 3 pins: Rx, Tx and GND) to allow the Makerbuino to display incoming serial data as well as sending out simple pre-prepared strings.
Baud rate is selectable on the MB and so is the display method (ASCII, Hex and Decimal).
When I’m developing other micro based stuff (mainly PIC based), then it’s nice to view simple serial stuff without the need for a PC.
I’m currently working on the receive buffer handling and the string handling for making it behave nicely on the 5110 screen.

That’ an awesome project Jez! I wanted do do something similar for ages, but I never took the time to do it.
Interestingly I started working on a similar thing for I2C and SPI.

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Thanks @Tom. Your project sounds good too. Be sure to post news of your progress, and I’ll do the same.
All the best,

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Tom i would try to complete your tutorials but im not very good to translate into english and your website is very good, so i have had this idea: could i write french tutorials (short tuorials by themes with examples) and send them to you (in word format or other), we could works on it together and then you could add the english version (and french doc link) on your website ?

I could translate it to german, but i can’t start before october 2017 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer Jean-Charles, but I prefer to keep things my way. I have a particular view on what I would like this tutorial to look like, so I prefer to write the things myself. It may take some time, but I will finish it at some point. However feel free to write your own tutorial! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the german translation offer as well. I don’t think it will not be ready by October. The new semester begins, with new lectures, and other things to do at work.

I can start translating the existing text in october. I think it will be easier for me to add the newer textparts rather than start translating after the tutorial is complete.

As you said the new semester begins in october, so my girlfried is moving to a university 2-3hours away from home, so i got a lot of spare time :wink:

OK, so i’ll try to do mine own. It’s can be fine to do mine own site. Can i use your tutorial as baisis ? (If you want take part of mine after, you’ll be welcome too)

I am unsure what you mean by “use your tutorial as baisis”. Mine is far from being finished, things will change and so on. I think it is best to write your own stuff, and refer to my tutorial if it makes sense. I will of course refer to yours when appropriate. :slight_smile: The same way I referred to the gamebuino wiki and tutorials. It avoid repeating things, and paraphrasing others is useless. Especially because some of these instructions may change, and it is useless to maintain the same information in two different places.