Hi! I want to make MAKERbuino clone but have issues with pcb. I already maked four gamebuinos on 8x12 pcbs but want to make it with great design such as MAKERbuino. All what i found is this gerbers witch you already seen. But it has a lot of issues such as very high sd card position and others. Also there is clone such as Gamemaker. But it is only availible as product and has full set of components. I need just a gerbers. So can you give me gerbers of MAKERbuino pcb? As MAKERbuino is not availible for buying and also in Russia i can’t afford it i think there is no point to hide gerbers. Also i’m not going to counterfeit it. Only for personal use. Huge thanks if you answer!

Thank you for joining the forum.

Unfortunately, makerbuino’s Gerbers are not open source, but you can find its schematic on our resources page and create your own unique PCB by just following the schematic