MAKERbuino props - very thankful

I was an early backer for the MAKERbuino product, but my build took me a long time to get started. Once I did, I self-inflicted some big mistakes that caused me to slow down even further.

I can’t thank Albert and the MAKERbuino team enough for how fantastic they were in follow up, education, and encouragement. My emails never went without a response, and I learned a ton about making and soldering through this project.

From where I started to where I finished, I will always remember this project as the one that taught me how to build electronics. The skills I’ve developed will help me build countless gadgets in the future. Very thankful!



Congratulations, your MAKERbuino looks super-duper! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words and for supporting MAKERbuino twice!
I hope that you won’t mind us sharing your photos on our social media channels.

Keep making and I’ll see you around on the forum.