MakerBuino screen does not come on

My son and I worked together to solder MakerBuino step by step and when it comes to turn on two switches, nothing happens. We thought we did not solder well, so we re-solder up to that point. Still nothing screen.

Is this salvageable?

Hey, can you please send us photos via email to [email protected] and someone from our team will help.

Thank you

You should fix your soldering joints. I’m sending you a link with a few examples of good and bad soldering that should help. Each soldering joint should look like a small volcano, so make sure to remove the excess solder in cases where needed. You can also use the photos from the build guide as an example of how to solder the pins.
Please remove the battery before soldering again. After you fix the soldering, return the battery and try again. If that doesn’t work send us a few photos once again and assemble your MAKERbuino all the way to the last step and charge the battery for at least an hour.

Feel free to send more photos once you fix the soldering.

Have a great day and good luck!

  • Dora from CM