Makerphone backwards compatible with makerBuino games? Where's a MakerPhone software repository?

I recently assembled my makerPhone, but I’m puzzled why the circuitmess website has such a big repository of games for the makerbuino, but nothing at all for the makerphone? Is the makerPhone backwards compatible with the makerbuino’s games and software (obviously not utilizing the new features like the color display)? If not, is there any project in the works to make this compatibility layer?

Hey Patrick,

MAKERphone is not backwards compatible, since MAKERbuino and MAKERphone are both using a completely different hardware and software. The games for MAKERbuino were mostly made by our community members and/or ported from a Gamebuino device, which was compatible with MAKERbuino.

With MAKERphone we’re more focused on other parts of the education, like creating your own apps and programs while using all the power and functionalities that ESP32 can give you. That’s why we’ve created CircuitBlocks which helps people who are new to the programming world to make some neat apps in an easy and fun way. :smiley:

We’re not planning on releasing any new games on MAKERphone, but we’re encouraging you and everyone else in the community to make and share their projects with everyone else!

Also, a compatibility project would be cool, but it is something that takes a lot of people and a lot of time. So again, it’s up to the community to start creating that one. :slight_smile:


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Hi Robert,
Thanks for the reply, that’s roughly what I’d suspected from what I was able to find.

I actually tried to start a bit of an implementation of a compatibility layer, but so far haven’t implemented anything but translating the buttons over (and even that’s untested and somewhat incomplete). I can post what I’ve done so far to gitHub, but it’ll definitely need some work from others with more experience with the hardware and C++ behaviors to complete. Hopefully it could be helpful as a starting point anyway.


That’s what this forum is for! I’m sure that there are many who have/had similar idea and sharing your work with other might just benefit everyone. :slight_smile:

Share it in the community and I’m sure people will come to your help. We can always help as well of course - any specific questions about our libraries and other stuff direct to me so you’ll get a complete answer!