Making game

If you are uploading game by included board is it gonna save onto MAKERbuinos sd card or its just temporary on MAKERbuino until you dissconnect it?

And also if your game is on sd card do you need to use c button trick to go to sd card or just press c button regurally?

Usually if you’re transferring the game to the MAKERbuino using the included RS232-Adapter, the game stays on the memory of your MAKERbuino. This means if you power it off and back on again, the MAKERbuino should load the game back up. This is because it is the latest flashed program. But the game is not saved to the SD Card.

This depends on how your game is set up. If you’re using the title screen function (gamebuino. titleScreen) you can return to the game loading screen using the C-button in the title screen. But you’ll need to implement a function to return to the title screen within your game code.

If you haven’t set up a such function within your game code you’ll need to use the c-button trick.

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Thanks for your awnser

But how do I set up that function (code)?

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Within your game code include the following lines in your loop function:


Exchange the content of the string with the title of your game. Then you’ll be able to return to the title screen anytime you want by pressing the c-button. And if you press the c-button at the title screen the MAKERbuino will load the game selection menu again.

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Thanks i know hiw to make it now!

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