Many ringtones are too quiet; mp3 and wav files don't play properly

First, in this video, you can hear that many of the ringtones are of very low volume and not really suitable to use as ringtones, even at the highest volume setting; “Default ringtone”, “Office phone 2”, and “Rondo alla turca” are the loudest and are marginally useful as ringtones, but not the others. Can they be made louder?

Secondly, on this github page: Circuitmess Ringo firmware, it says that .mp3 and .wav files are supported. I have tried both and neither play properly. In the video above, the last thing I tried to play was a .mp3 file; it sounded like static (though very loud static, so that shows that a loud ringtone is possible). Why can’t it play .wav or .mp3 files?

The sample rate for .wav files has to be 44100 Hz, and they have to be in mono. Does this help?

Same problem here. I converted several of my favorite ringtones to mono, sample rate 44100 Hz, .wav, and they all play extremely distorted. I tried lowering the volume as well, that did not help. What are we missing?

oh, and mp3 files just hiss.

Well, I suppose so, but the sample rate and number of channels are in the .wav file header and normally it’s the player that adapts to the file, not the other way around. Is this a documented restriction?

The documented parts are that the format has to be .wav and the sample rate has to be 44100 Hz (the player won’t “adapt” to anything else). I figured out myself that the audio has to be mono (I tried a stereo music file, and it played at half the speed).

Wow, I guess I need a come from statement! Where did you find a link to that web page?

@frankprindle Yes, as of right now it doesn’t play .mp3 files. Implementation of that feature was more complicated than we initially thought so the first firmware doesn’t have it. It will be done at some point into the future.

You can find the tutorials on the same page as all other ->

We’re adding new tutorials every few days so make sure to check it out every now and then.

When playing at a higher volume than allowed in our firmware, the sound gets very distorted since the speaker is not as powerful and not suited for high volume.

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