Maybe MAKERbuino 2.0?


I’m back again with some ideas or idea of mine. Yesterday I saw the gamebuino meta and I wanted to pre order it but I thought about it again and I realized that the meta is alredy assemblied when you get it so you can’t solder it…
Yeah, so here is where my idea was born. So here it is: a new MAKERbuino with a colorfull screen, with more RAM and ROM. And it would be so awesome if it could play some neat 8-bit tunes. So if Albert could make my idea come true I would be super statisfied and super excited to get my hands on it! :smiley:
(Oh and sorry if I wrote something wrong but I’m just a hungarian student)


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Yes, it’s could be great. I have commanded a META so i’ll not buy a MAKERbuino 2 (because i cant spend too much money for that) but yes, the idea is good.

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That’s a great idea, and I thinks they already thought about this. I see three main difficulties. The first one is to keep a reasonable price, the second is keep using through hole components (as opposed to surface mount: smaller but harder to solder by hand), and keep the console size reasonable (which is linked to the previous point).

That being said, you can extend the current one with external components. One has to check this out, but depending on the available pins on the extension ports, you can add a RAM, a different screen, and other stuff.

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@Beni0121, thank you for joining the forum.

I agree that MAKERbuino META (or METAmaker or MAKERMETAbuino) would be a very cool project and it might happen in the future.

What I am afraid of is that only a small amount of customers would value the full-color screen and the neat specs of META’s MCU.
MAKERbuino is usually bought by the customers because:

  1. it is relatively cheap
  2. it plays games
  3. it’s educational

and I am not quite sure if a great number of people would choose the METAMAKER over a standard MAKERbuino…

I am not saying that Gamebuino META is a bad device. In contrary, I’ve already spoken about it at the forum and I still think META has a bright future but has a different targeted audience compared to MAKERbuino and I’m not sure that MAKERbuino’s targeted audience would be willing to pay an extra 50€ for a colored screen.