Modding options

Hi guys, my Jay-D assembly went well and it’s a fun device to play with. Two questions:

  1. any update on a firmware update that will let us continue playing music while picking the next song?

  2. I’m not a programmer but would love to mess around with modding it, for example I’d like to set it up so that it preloads certain effects when it opens into DJ mode rather than starting with none selected. Or I’d also like to make the track selection outline a bit more bold so I can easily see which song I have selected. I took a look at the git hub but not sure where to start - any advice? I know there was the circuit blocks stuff as well but not sure if that only let’s me make new things versus modding whats there?


Hi, we plan to release a software update in the next 2 months.

I’d suggest starting with the usage guide:

The moving on to the CircuitBlocks guide:

Finally, you can set up and code the device using PlatformIO IDE in order to get the most out of it:

I hope there is a thread where everyone can collaborate on what features we’d love to see in the next update.
Here’s a few i believe seem plausible.

  1. Looping
    At least A > B would be nice, but I would prefer a loop mode where you can switch between 1,2,4,8 seconds.
  2. An LFO effect
  3. Reverse Effect
    4 Sampler Mode

Sure, thank you for your feedback.

Jay-D is a product that is performing surprisingly well. Everybody wants to become a DJ, I guess. We’re getting lots of happy customers and good reviews. Hence, we’ll improve its software further.

I invite all Jay-D users to provide us with their feedback and wishes, and we’ll implement the most popular requests.

Thats exciting news!
#0-Must HAVE - Play music while selecting next song

  1. Looping
    At least A > B would be nice, but I would prefer a loop mode where you can switch between 1,2,4,8 seconds.
  2. An LFO effect
  3. Reverse Effect
    4 Sampler Mode
    5 Preload Effects /remember last effects chosen
    6 BPM Indicator
    7 Rewind to start of track shortcut
    8 Better visual cue as to which song is selected for changing songs
    9 Flanger effect
    10 Echo Effect
    11 EQ controls assigned to rotary controllers (high, mids, lows)
    12 Double tap kill in EQ controls

It’s been a couple months - any update on a firmware fix to allow songs to continue to play when picking a new song?

We didn’t manage to do it yet. All of our focus went into ByteBoi and CircuitMess Batmobile.

I am expanding the software team, hopefully we’ll be able to do this soon

I know there’s other projects but being able to keep music playing would mean this thing gets a lot more useful as a DJ toy. Any updates on this? Christmas miracle perhaps! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not, but it’s very high on our to-do list

I’m glad to hear you are expanding out your software developer team. It is critical with these types of kits that the level of quality seen in the PCB’s and hardware design continues with well made software.

Thank you for supporting our work :+1:

Hi, it’s been another couple months but I’ve not heard anything in regards to updated software for Jay-D. Is there any progress on being able to continue playing music while queuing the next song? Or is it simply not possible?

Thank you for your message.

It’s definitely possible, but we didn’t manage to achieve this functionality yet since we’re working on many other projects simultaneously.

I will try to allocate some time for this feature this year.

Thank you for your patience and support