Modding options

Hi guys, my Jay-D assembly went well and it’s a fun device to play with. Two questions:

  1. any update on a firmware update that will let us continue playing music while picking the next song?

  2. I’m not a programmer but would love to mess around with modding it, for example I’d like to set it up so that it preloads certain effects when it opens into DJ mode rather than starting with none selected. Or I’d also like to make the track selection outline a bit more bold so I can easily see which song I have selected. I took a look at the git hub but not sure where to start - any advice? I know there was the circuit blocks stuff as well but not sure if that only let’s me make new things versus modding whats there?


Hi, we plan to release a software update in the next 2 months.

I’d suggest starting with the usage guide:

The moving on to the CircuitBlocks guide:

Finally, you can set up and code the device using PlatformIO IDE in order to get the most out of it: