Modifying existing game for ByteBoi

Hello guys,

Great work on ByteBoi, it super nice.

My wife and I wanted to modify the already existing games as a first step in order to understand what we would need to do to make a game from scratch but I am struggling a bit with the IDE/build process I need to set-up.
The changes I’d like to do to begin are just to change the game text from english to french, it’s super easy, I’ve seen where it is in the code.
So what I wanted to do is fork the github Snake-ByteBoi project for instance, make the necessary changes, build, and put the resulting artifact on the SD card and that’s it.
But I’m struggling to build the changes and get the necessary binaries.

Do you have a little tutorial for that? What IDE is recommended, what version of CMake, GCC, G++, what dependencies might I need?

I would like to do it in C++, and not use block.

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Hi there,

thank you for reaching out.

Our programmers will help you as soon as possible with the problem.

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To edit a game, all you need to do is clone the repo or download the source code, modify the code with any text editor, open the .ino file with Arduino IDE, select the ByteBoi board and “Game for launcher” partition scheme. Then you can export the binary under SketchExport compiled Binary and place it on the SD card.

If you’d like a better development experience, we’re using CLion in our office. You’ll also need the arduino-cli tool somewhere in your PATH. Open the project, and you’ll just need to edit the include paths in CMakeLists.txt so the system picks up the libraries. If you’re on Linux, run the CMBuild build target and after compilation the binary will be placed in the build directory in the root of the project. On windows you’ll have to configure CLion to use Cygwin, WSL or another build system, and modify CMakeLists.txt accordingly.

Let me know if you have any more questions,


Thanks a lot for the detailed answer and sorry for the late reply, I’ll take look at it and come back to you if I have any issues.


thanks for the awesome information.

Sorry, but how do I download the source code?


You can find the source code for all our devices and games on our GitHub page. When you open the repository of the game you’re interested in, you’ll see a big green “Code” button. Click it and you will be presented with a “Download ZIP” button you can click to download the source code.


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