More help from community

What is the aim of a community if no help is ever provided?

Super disappointed with this whole community and this whole creation.
This is the worst investment I have ever made on Kickstarter.
I cannot build my makerbuino cause they sent me a NON functioning soldering iron. After many emails and after reaching out in several different ways, no one cares enough to reply to an email or help me out.

Don’t let a faulty soldering iron stop you man… I agree, it sucks, and creators should owe up to this and provide you with a replacement asap. Alternatively, just go buy one somewhere and ask them to refund you the cost, after all, they owe you a soldering iron.
Im gonna go ahead and assume that you at some point had enthusiasm for this project, and for getting into electronics (otherwise, why pledge on kickssarter in the first place?)… Dig out that enthusiasm again, and ask in here if you run into problems with the assembly or soldering itself, Im sure community (my self included) will be glad to help… After all, there isnt much we can do about a faulty soldering iron…


Thanks @tommyph1208!! I was SUPER excited about this project! That was my favorite hardware class back at engineering school! But they sort of killed my enthusiasm with the LONG wait (had a two months delay!!) and with their recklessness!
Plus I bought the whole kit to avoid worrying about running and searching for the needed tools! But anyway, I will see what I will do. They really killed my joy! Will try to regain it!
Thanks man!

If you actually have plans to start doing a bit of hobby electronics, buy a 10$ multimeter on ebay and a soldering station with adjustable temp. That’ll get you pretty far and you won’t regret it.
I started out with one of those soldering irons that just plug directly into mains, take forever to heat up and then get way too hot. Stuff like that takes the joy away too… I am no expert solderer by any means, but bought a station a few years back (was maybe 70$ pr there abouts, cant remember)… Made a world of difference, and now soldering those perfect joints are fun!

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Just to be sure, here’s HOW you use the soldering iron (assuming it’s not physically broken):

Put the cable in the USB, other side in the back of your iron
PULL the cap off. Don’t twist it, just pull. if you twist it off, it won’t work.
HOLD your finger on the little button. After a little while, the soldering iron will become hot as a fiddle. If you release your finger, the iron will cool off after a little while.
Have fun soldering!

I bought my soldering iron from Amazon for around 15GBP (22 USD), and it’s awesome. Comes with 6 tips, solder, stand (which isn’t that great actually), and the iron is temperature adjustable too. Go get one! I’m sure the team will refund you for your faulty iron.


We are truly, truly sorry to hear that Sabine.
We never hoped that it would be so, we were busting our asses for the best two months with the assembly, and almost only with that process that we managed to neglect one of the most important parts of our project, the community and why it was created.
I understand that this reply is very much late, have you only managed to send us a message on Kickstarter about that we would have sent one out to you for free, and still will if you agree with it of course with hopes of regaining that joy of yours.

Dom from MAKERbuino