Music creation program

Anyone know if a music creation program has been made for the buino? Itching to make some chip tunes!

There are currently two different trackers to create some music for the Gamebuino/MAKERbuino. But these are for PC, you can’t use them on your MAKERbuino. If you meant PC Software you can take a look at this link:

If you do want to try making music on your Makerbuino, I made a prototype music tracker that I posted here. I never finished it, because I was trying to add the ability to save to the SD card and it got frustrating, but songs you make can be exported to play in a game. It’s just a little complicated to do.

If you want to try it out I can answer questions about it. I stopped working on it because I felt like it was a lot of work for something that nobody would use, so let me know if you find it useful or interesting.

Edit: the video of the tracker in action is a bit out of date, so the most recent version has a few more features and changes, and there is a way to set the BPM.


That sounds like an awesome project, I haven’t seen anything similar on the Gamebuino forums either so I’d love to see what you come up with. I’m curious as to how you’re going to implement the GUI, is it going to be something like a piano keyboard or something else?

The video on the topic is an early version of the interface, which is like a lot of music trackers. There are three columns for three different channels, and each row represents one 16th note. You then can select what notes to play in which channel. This is a common interface used by music trackers, usually for chiptunes I think.

If you have a makerbuino, there’s no need to ask what it is like, because you can just download it now! The link I put has my most recent prototype attached at the bottom of the first post. Please try it out if you can, because I haven’t gotten much feedback on it.


I have no idea why but I completely missed the fact that you linked it(I’m going to blame it on having just woken up), that looks fantastic, I’ll give it a look through later when I’ve got some spare time.

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