My makerbuino is stuck on "reading SD card"

the makerbuino was working fine until I closed it while it said do not close it and then when I tried to open again it didn’t not worked so I just kept replacing the SC card until it opened and got stuck on “reading SD card”

You closed the MAKERbuino? You mean you switched it off?
It seems like you interrupted the flashing process.
Or maybe the MAKERbuino can’t read the content of the sd card.
Please use a PC to take a look at the sd card. There should be a file called LOADER.HEX
If so, put the sd card back into your MAKERbuino and perform the C-Button Trick:

Switch your MAKERbuino off. Press and hold down the C-Button. While holding the C-Button switch your MAKERBuino back on. Hold down the C-Button for another ~3 seconds, then release it. The screen should stay blank for 20-30 seconds. You won’t see anything but the MAKERbuino is flashing the LOADER.HEX.

Your MAKERbuino should switch to the usual menu afterwards.

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it worked thanks a lot

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