My MAKERbuino(Why does the title need to be 15 characters long?)

Here is the Buino I build a few days ago. Today I brought it with me to school to show it to some of my students. They thought it was really cool and had great fun playing with it.

@Frederik, congratulations! Your MAKERbuino looks really well soldered and I am really glad that your students loved it.
I hope this won’t be your last soldering experience and that you’ll continue making cool maker projects.
We are currently working on a set of tutorials that will show you how to code games for your MAKERbuino.

You know, if you ever plan to make a MAKERbuino soldering/programming workshop, I’ll give you a special discount and some workshop material.
Check out this video clip about a MAKERbuino workshop we organized:

The 15 character minimum is something like a protection filter against topic titles like “help me” and “not working”. It’s purpose is to encourage users to make more descriptive topic titles.

I’m thinking about changing that minimum number of characters to 10…
@AllGray, what do you think?

As @albertgajsak said. We have the 15 character minimum to encourage people to create not meaningful titles.

I agree that it’s not always needed. We can set it to 10. I’ll do that later

@AllGray, I’ve just changed the minimum topic length to 10 letters

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