My Ringo Is Freezing

Yesterday I received and build my Ringo.
Everything ok except that it’s freezing: the time is updating every 3-4 seconds, button press ignored if pressed for less than 3 seconds, as you can immagine the Setup process was veeeery long. To unlock it I need to press # button for about 30-40 seconds… and so on…

Everything else is ok: display ok, sound ok, network ok, battery ok
Anyone can help? Thank you!

Hey there,

Thanks for supporting our project!

This seems to be a classic problem of some soldering errors.
Please check your soldering joints so they look just like in the picture.

Also, check out this article for some more info on how to improve solder joints -

Please remove all residual solder on the board that may have accidentally dropped and make sure there aren’t any solder bridges!

Stay in touch, :slight_smile:

Thank you Robert,
I’m going to recheck all joints and I’ll return with updates here.

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I checked all joints and maybe there was also a tiny bridge, now Ringo works perfectly!

Thank you very much!

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Glad to see it working. :smiley: