NES Emulator?

i looked at the hardware of the nes, the nibble has enough storage and ram, would it be possible? we would have to downscale it a lot, and most arduino NES emulators need a sd card for the rom. however if we got real nes roms to run on the nibble, that would be awesome. anybody think they have any idea how to do it?


The Nibble might have enough storage, ram, and maybe even the same or better CPU speed, but we’re talking about emulation here. You can’t run native NES software due to the processors having different architectures, that’s why we do emulation. But when doing that however, the processor has a lot of overhead processing to do to mimic the emulated system. A single CPU instruction for the NES might map out to 20 or more CPU instructions of the ESP8266. You also have to take into account that the NES has a separate picture processing unit, sound processor chip, etc, all of which has to be emulated by the single processor in your device.

I’m afraid NES emulation on Nibble simply isn’t possible. A better processor like the ESP32 might do the trick, but the ESP8266 in the Nibble won’t cut it.

What you can do, however, is running clones of the NES games you’re looking for programmed specifically for your device. You can find plenty of NES classics made for the ESP8266 processor, and porting them to Nibble should be fairly easy.


Ok! Thanks :DD that helps alot and since porting isnt to hard ill try it! Thanks :DD